About Mac Architects

MAC ARCHITECTS is a full-service architecture & interior design studio & a Construction firm that is committed to excellence in custom architecture and design. We combine rigorous design with proven construction management experience - a rare combination that leads to a distinctive design process and end product that are aesthetically and intellectually rigorous as well as financially informed... The Company was founded by Mr.Zeeshan Mughal having vast experience in A.E.C, Architecture. Engineering & Construction . MAC Architects has been actively engaged in market & remarkably made his name in Architecture,Interior Design & Construction Business.

Our Vission

Our Vision is to take luxury to a next level of creation where living standards & trends became exist with technological revolution. Architectural design can influence the personal satisfaction of customer. Mac Architects is devoted to design responsive spaces that goes beyond the standard architecture practices, providing high quality design & construction services to our respected clients with honesty & integrity to be viewed as respected architectural & construction firm .

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide client focused service through our responsible practice of design & construction Our tradition of dedication, professionalism & outstanding customer service is a testament to that mission as we strive every day for excellence in bringing our client ideas to life.

Our Values


Respect the power of multiple perspectives.


Pursue a better way by leveraging experience and inquisitive exploration.


In life smallest & largest challenges design matters.


Valuing others point of view affords empathetic, well informed Reponses.


We are passionate towards our work.


Achieving process excellence in execution of our services.


We stake our reputation and found our relationships on honesty, trust, respect & financial integrity. We desire Clients who believe in the same.


We lead by example, giving customers extends that are naturally practical & dependable.